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ICAB Finite Element Software for structural analysis

ICAB provides general purpose CAD softwares based on the Finite Element Method to engineer structures

Quick and accurate design by using the Finite Element Method

The finite element analysis is a numerical method used to predict the behavior and check the strength of structures before the effective building.
For instance, the effect of wind and snow on a construction can be calculated.
These calculations can be performed inside the company. Design, engineering, estimation of costs can be evaluated simultaneously. The construction is quickly designed and the costs are assessed correctly. The technical specifications are fulfilled and the quotation is plainly justified.

The Finite Element Method at your fingertip

In the 60' and 70', the Finite Element Method has been used for the achievement of large engineering projects (space, nuclear industry).
In the 80', large corporations bought mainframes and used this type of calculus for industrial fields such as aeronautics, automobile.
These techniques are now available to you on any computer working with Windows™.

Choose a tool that fits you

ICAB applications use the graphical interface Windows. You can use all the power of your computer without the long painful training required by other traditional operating systems.
If you already use a Windows software, you are already familiar with the ICAB applications.
Context sensitive help notes are provided with all ICAB applications. Printed documentation includes graphs and examples that provide you with advanced modelling techniques.

Choose standards and make a safe investment

ICAB applications work on any computer which supports Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT.
The Finite Element Method can be applied to practically all engineering fields. Sooner or later you will use this method.

Get involved in CAD world by using ICAB.

ICAB supports standard exchange CAD files (DXF, IGES, Universal) and Office software (Word processor, spreadsheet).

The commitment of ICAB is to provide you with computer aided design software working on the most popular computer system and with techniques once reserved to research labs.

ICAB applications

ICAB Force

Core of all ICAB functions including graphic modelling, computation, visual results, management of files and data base

Extensions for ICAB applications


Design of metallic and wood frames

ICAB Force/CM+

self optimized design of frameworks, constructions

ICAB Climate/NV

automatic generation of climatic loads (snow, wind + uniform load on selected areas) on the structure

ICAB Library/CM

Library including all standard profiles (I, H, L, T, U...) and tool to compute common profiles.

ICAB Force/Dyn

Dynamic analysis (vibration modes and generalized buckling)


Computation of homogeneous and composite shells

ICAB Assemblage

Design of assemblage in steel construction.

ICAB extensions provide the user with methods used to to design beam, plate, shell made from various material such as steel or aluminium metal, wood, concrete (standards: CM66, CB71, BAEL91, eurocode, AISI)